Our staff

Staff at Wallsend Jubilee Primary School are dedicated to ensuring your child/children get the best education possible, and the support and help they need to achieve their full potential.
Mrs Thornton   Headteacher
Mr Harrison   Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Willis   School Business Manager
Mrs L Bryson   Behaviour, Guidance and Support Assistant
Mrs C Miller
Miss Tappenden        
  Inclusion Manager
Inclusion Manager
Mrs J Dunn   Foundation Stage Manager/Reception Teacher
Mrs R Hawkins   Teaching and Learning Manager/Year 3 teacher

Mrs M Robinson  Nursery Teacher
Mrs A Hattrick   Nursery Teacher
Miss L Hinchliffe   Reception Teacher
Miss R Gudgin   Year 1 Teacher
Mrs S Anderson/ Mrs F Tait   Year 1 Teacher
Mrs S Fenton   Year 2 Teacher
Miss J Tappenden   Year 2 Teacher
Miss A Watson Year 3 Teacher
Miss L Atkinson   Year 4 teacher
Miss J Wilson   Year 4 Teacher
Miss J Hopkin Year 5 Teacher

Mr C Allington   Year 6 Teacher
Mrs G Duncan   Year 6 Teacher
Miss A Hope   Higher Level Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs S Thompson   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Wyres   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Donachie   Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Jackson   Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Oliver   Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss D Storey   Teaching Assistant Reception
Mr R Brand   Site Manager
Miss A Layburn   Apprentice Administrator

Mrs L Wright   Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Bell   Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs P Cooke   Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Jaundziekars   Midday Supervisor
Mrs H Lawson   Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Robertson   Midday Supervisor