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Assessment 2016-2017

Assessment 2016-2017
End of Key Stage Tests  Year 2 and Year 6

Click on the link below to read the National Curriculum Guide for parents.

This guide explains the changes to the National Curriculum and assessment. It was produced by Rising Stars (a commercial company) but provides a useful generic summary.


Early years Foundation Stage Assessment and Reporting Arrangements 2017
At the end of Foundation Stage, staff submit data to the authority, based on whether the children have met the Early Learning Goal for each of the 17 strands of the curriculum. Each child is assessed as emerging, expected and exceeding in the Early Learning Goal. Assessments are made through observing children in their play, in their natural environment. For more information on the assessment and reporting arrangements, please click the clink below.

No Change to Year 1 Phonics Test 2017

The year 1 phonics test will continue in it's current format.

The test is a short, simple screening check to make sure that pupils have grasped fundamental phonics skills.  Your child will sit with a teacher and be asked to read 40 words aloud.  The check will take a few minutes to complete and there is no time limit.  The  threshold mark for the expected level is usually 32 out of 40.

How do we make assessment judgement?

Assessment is an ongoing process- it forms part of our day to day interaction with the children.  Adults continually make judgements about children's learning and development and use the information they gather to help children make progress.

Learning is assessed in a variety of ways including:
  • by observing children at work
  • by talking to children about their work
  • by listening to children read, both individually and in small groups
  • by making judgements about how well they have achieved their learning objectives
  • specific tests, both commercial and teacher constructed
  • NTAG's for reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and listening
  • Weekly spelling tests
  • Read Write Inc half termly assessments
  • Pre and post assessments for mathematics
  • Big Maths achievements
  • Parent, pupil and teacher questionnaires